Welcome to the CKXU Friends Card Program!

The CKXU Radio Society's Friends Card Program is a community-building initiative that is directed and run by CKXU 88.3FM in partnership with a number of local organizations and businesses in the Lethbridge area. The program aims to promote and increase student involvement in the community by showcasing over 30 local businesses and organizations.

If you're visiting this page, you obviously are either the owner of a CKXU Friends Card and already receive sweet discounts around Lethbridge, or you're interested in knowing more about this program and becoming a CKXU Friends Card holder!

The CKXU Friends Card provides students and community members with:
1. Deals and discounts givens at over 30 local businesses and organizations around town.
2. Exposure to local culture and events put on by the Friends Card businesses and organizations.
3. A worthy investment in both yourself, your community, and your campus/community radio station!

For more information, or to get your hands on a CKXU Friends Card of your very own, contact a CKXU Radio Society staff member, or stop by the station!